If you’ve never experienced the Big Sky of Montana, you’ll want to make it a goal!

This beautiful and scenic state will amaze you and leave you with a determination to return. Every turn and opening gives you an exceptional view and many will take your breath away.

On this page you’ll find information regarding pricing, state regulations, and your gear list.

Antelope hunting

With great eyesight and sense of smell the Antelope live in the wide-open prairie. Though they are plenty their ability to keep distance between themselves and hunters are what make them an enjoyable hunt.

Our Antelope hunts take place on private ground in South Central Montana. It is a lodge based three-day hunt using the pickup or ATVs for transportation. There is a lot of glassing involved until we find what we would like to pursue then we stalk on foot. A typical shot can range from 200 to even 400 yards. 

Starting at $2,250

elk hunting

Living in big and rugged country, elk hunting can challenge any hunter. Though elk are large animals, the mountains they run are much bigger. To find elk during rifle season is a lot of glassing and covering country on horseback, and then a stalk to get in close enough to shoot. A typical shot can be 200 to 400 yards.

In September during the archery season is when the elk rut. Chasing bugles and calling them in is the way we archery hunt. These shot opportunities can be from as close as 10 yards to 60 yards. 

Starting at $5,000

deer hunting

From high mountain muleys to river bottom whitetail. In Montana a general deer license is good for either a Mule Deer or a Whitetail Deer. The rut starts to kick in November around the middle of rifle season, and that is the best time to capitalize on a good buck. 

With many hunting opportunities to choose from, give us a call. We look forward to talking with you and having the chance to show you what we feel is some of the best hunting Montana has to offer. 

Starting at $5,000

our prices

We offer a number of hunts at a reasonable price.

Your fees cover hunts, lodging, and meals.

Guided Antelope

2 on 1, 3 day hunt


Archery Elk/Deer

2 on 1, 5 day hunt


Rifle Elk/Deer

2 on 1, 5 day hunt


montana state hunting regulation information

All hunting licenses are purchased through the Montana FWP. Their website,, is a valuable source of information on the hunting regulations and details on the various licenses. Let us help you with your license applications. The annual elk license applications are due by March 15 each year. Antelope license applications must be submitted by June 1. Always keep in mind that you need to book your hunt with us as early as possible. We are limited to the number of hunters we can accommodate per year, so be sure to communicate with us to help you plan your trip.


we offer fully guided hunts where all you need to bring is your gear, clothing, and personal items. below is a checklist to help your planning.

daily hunting gear


Rifle with sling & covered scope


Small day pack or fanny pack


Hunting knife

Compass/ GPS

Orange Vest (400 sq. In Minimum)

Lighter or Waterproof matches

Headlamp with spare batteries & bulb

Water bottle


Rain Gear


*Weather can vary from sunny and warm to zero or below. It is better to wear layers than one single heavy item, so pack accordingly.

Heavy & light weight jacket

Wool pants & Wool shirt

Long underwear

Facemask or Scarf

2 pair gloves/ 1 insulated

2 pair Boots/ 1 hiking/ 1 pack type

(Boots, we recommend proven mountain boots such as Schnee’s or Kenetrek).

Hooded Sweater

Wool & Cotton socks


Flannel Shirts

Caps 1 warm/1 light

Light shoes for around camp

personal items

Sleeping bag

Toothbrush & Paste

Towel, washcloth & soap

Shaving gear



Personal Medcations


Most of the standard big game rifles work well with a preference for the magnums; from the .270, .30-06, 7mm, .300 to the .338. We discourage bringing semi-auto & pump actions. We recommend a partitioned style bullet for better penetration. A scope is necessary, while our shots average about 80 yards, there are times when a 300 yard shot is necessary. Most hunters sight in their rifles 1.5 – 3 inches high at 100 yards. Be sure to check & tighten scope mounts, as the leather scabbard can loosen them. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your rifle accurately sighted in.

Do a lot of practicing before you come! It only takes a second to pull the trigger and if you show up unprepared to take the shot, it’s often times the difference between satisfaction or disappointment.